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Friday, December 11, 2009

Jewel's Birthday Bash

This birthday order is alsmost like a chocolate madness.. hehe.. chocolate moist medium cupcakes and cake with chocolate ganache.  Design was with buttercream.

Jewel is a daughter of one of my favourite photographer and a very good friend of ours, Jan Shim.  I've link his website from this blog just check out his excellent work.  Thanks Chris for the order, hope everyone enjoyed the treat :)


Jan Shim said...

Greetings from Singapore! Thanks for the deliciously rich choch treat. I believe the cupcakes were a hit with the little ones and they were all gone by day's end. Given a chance to rewrite "JEWEL IS 10" I would in hindsight write "JEWEL IS 10 OUT OF 10" as she is to us :)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sampling the sinfully rich chocloates at BESCHLE at the Mandarin Gallery, one of a number of attractions we visited. Among other notable attractions is the zen roof top garden at Orchard Central where you see breathtaking views of Singapore. At the garden is also "the butteryfly's path" where art pieces are placed strategically around the building.

Catch the photos when I get back!

Taste On Tray said...

Hi Jan.. thanks for the comment.. sounds like you're having fun in singapore... can't wait to see the photos.

Jan Shim said...

Photos from Singapore media trip have just been published but these are only the ones of Orchard Road light-up and shopping hotspots



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