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Monday, November 3, 2008

TOT's Cupcakes

We have variety of cupcakes to order. Amongst others are:

~ Basic cupcakes
~ Themed Cupcakes
~ Fondant Cupcakes
~ 3D Cupcakes
~ Specialty Cupcakes which include:
~~ Cheese cupcakes
~ ~Diet Cupcakes

To order our cupcakes please proceed and provide us all the details as follows:

How to order:

Title: [required date][event][cupcakes/cakes/etc] (Compulsory)

Phone: +6738723221

Please quote:
- Your name and contact details (Compulsory)
- Date required
- Function
- Cupcakes Details
~~ flavours, ( max 2 flavours per set ONLY)
~~ size - mini, medium etc
~~ Set cup- souffle or papercups
~~ No. of set - 1 or more
~~ colours,
~~ frosting,
~~ theme
~~ wordings

Please go to the respective TAB, under Cupcakes, for details.


kaywhycee said...

Hello, you are very talented!
You're treats are absolutely beautiful and they look so tasty. I wish you continued success.

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