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Thursday, December 11, 2008

BATIKs - TOT's Original

I enjoy making Batik cake... but when I realised it is the same batik year in year out...I started trying out a few of TOT's very own original Batik design.. inspired by the "Kain Batik" design whilst on holiday in Terengganu.

All our Batiks are 9" square.

Crispy Nuts $30:
For those who adores the Nutty Flavour

Fantasy $30:
A design purely inspired by "Kain Batik"

Oreo $30:
Not the same Batik Oreo you see elsewhere

Kit Kat $35
Inspired by my kids... love you all

Chocalicious $35
A treat for yours truly... a chocaholic

Batik Vico $20
Promotion until 31st July

Indah Maya $35
Photos to be uploaded

Batik Biasa $25
Photos to be uploaded

More to come.....
If you are interested to try out our Batiks... do contact Tasteontray


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