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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding cakes

This particular cake was all Red Velvet and layered with cream cheese and themed in black and white with purple flowers.

Lately we have been receiving orders for white wedding cake.  You may think, yea white... easy... no need to colour the fondant and kneading it... well the problem with white cake is, your fondant cannot be as thin as other dark coloured ones, especially if you want chocolate or red velvet cake.  If we are to use the usual thickness, you will still see the colour of the cake, which to us is a big NO NO. 

Our customer had requested for a stenciled design which we had done in black.  We didn't cover the whole sides with the design as the cake will look over done.  But we had added fancy border on the second tier to enhance the cake.  For a cake like this, minimum is what makes it beautiful. 

The whole cake was pearl dusted which can be seen under the light. 


Sri said...

Thanks for your great posting..we are all wishing for a piece of wedding cakes..keep posting..

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