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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Believe it or not we accomplished this mission in 3 hours!  **Tarik Nafas**  This was an emergency order, luckily it was on one of our not-so-busy weekend and we managed to squeeze this in.  The cake was not that complicated, but I wasn't happy with the outcome.

Having to bake and decorate a FONDANT cake in 3 hours (mixing all the ingredients, baking the cake, let the cake cool, make the fondant... bla bla bla...) was definitely challenging.  Since this was a 3D teapot cake, my first thought was .. ok let's use the ball pan... DONE!  got that in the oven, I started making the fondant and mould the parts while waiting for the cake to bake, as I know the parts will take time to set. 

Anyway cut the story short.. parts didn't have enough time to set and somehow they still look very flimsy... but the cake was done.  It looks something like a teapot and our customer was happy and that's important.

Had this been a larger or complicated cake, we would not have accepted!..


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