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Monday, April 12, 2010

PINK desserts

When the President of the Brunei Breast Cancer Support invited us to join this charity event, PINK DESSERTS, we didn't even have to think twice.  The only thing was, I couldn't decide which desserts to do, well not until it was almost 10am yesterday morning.. hahaha.. We were pretty busy the night before :) so I didn't have much time to think it over.. 

I wanted to do something that is healthy and with everything freshly made.  So I thought, we'll do with the flan.  But a flan cake will be messy to cut (anticipating outdoor activity) so we thought, why not make a petite flan.. so we went ahead and made PETITE FRUIT FLAN. 

There were too many good desserts on the table that we didn't think we'd even make it to the top 20 .. hahaha really honestly .. but thanks to all the votes, we got 10th! :D surprised!!.  As we mentioned to some friends, we were not there for the prize, but more for supporting the PINK organisation.

The organiser will be printing books of the recipe presented on the day, so be sure to grab one ! 

We'd like to thank everyone involved, Pablo and Mas especially! Insya Allah we'll join more event in the future.


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