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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wedding Cake - Ladybird

Red and Black are two fairly difficult colours to work with.  It's not straightforward, at least to us anyway, to get the bright tone for red and dark tone for black.  Putting more colouring does not help either so, we always take extra precautions for these colours :)

Enough said, this wedding cake, yes it's a wedding cake, was very unique in that it is not complicated yet cute :D

The cake was a 10" cake, about 4" high, weighing ~3kg. 

To order wedding cake from us, firstly we ask you to read the details from our tab, jsut below the blog title.  We require at least 3 weeks notice to book your slots.  Peak season is usually school holidays, next one is in June as we are closed for the holiday this month. 


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