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Monday, November 30, 2009

Lollie Cookies

We did these lollies cookies for Zara Sofia's (I love that name :D) farewell party as she will be moving to a new school next term.  So mommy ordered these cookies as favours for her classmates and teachers.

Lollie Cuppies
with names of Zara's Girl Friends

Blue Beetle Lollies
with Zara's Boy Friends

Kids were so excited to have their personalised cookies :)

So remember, if you wish to order these cookies, go to ON TRAY MENU and you will find all the details once you click on the title.


A said...

The kids were excited to get lollies with their names! And yummy ones too - paksa ku mengintu arah c zara otherwise nda ampit...hahaha...thanks!

Taste On Tray said...

hahaha.. pandai jua kan karit c Zara atu... thanks A for ur order ah!.. glad the kids loved their lollies

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