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Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Sneak Peek - TOT's Original Rolls

Rolls are my personal favourite during Hari Raya, not that I don't like kek lapis but most of the time when I see a kek lapis I feel too sayang  to eat, as they are tooo nice and I really appreciate the effort and time required to do them. Salute to the other bakers for their skills and patience. Even for all the fancy patterned rolls, WOW!! I love those but again I'd just stare at them bcos they're simply stunning.. **sigh**

Enough said.. for this EID, we're came up with some new ideas on simple rolls, simple in looks la.. hehehe.. although in view of time we agreed to do only 4 types, Insya Allah next year we will introduce more.. Here are a couple..

Neapolitan Rolls:
I got inspired by the Neapolitan ice cream.. sllllllrrrrrrrp.... and discussed with my #2 and #3 on what flavours best to put.. so we came up with vanilla, strawberry and banana. Simple but full of flavours.

OREO Break Rolls:
Perhaps by now some of you may have realised we do varities with OREO.. yup... we are an oreo family hehe.. so OREO rolls  mesti ada... So, why OREO Break? well it has to different from taking a break withKit Kat right ;)?!  Any way if you guys love our OREO cuppies, you will definitely love these.

More Raya cakes coming soon...


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