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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding Cookies

These were done for a few occasions on the a few separate weekends... my oh my.... busy busy..... All are originally designed by us.


The base colour was lilac with white prints. Our customer had requested us to do this design on 250pcs of cookies for the guests. We didn't have to provide ribbons for these as our customer had made her own arrangement.


For these lot, there were two shapes requested, butterfly and heart shapes, both large sizes. The colours were chosen by the customer and we agreed on the basic design. These were done to accommodate 200 guests each going away with 2 lovely cookies. This was actually part of our wedding package A.

Wedding Favours:

The request was to do 300pcs of these cookies as wedding favours and the base colours were only to be red and white with roses design.

Whilst the ones below were ordered for gifts with different colours.

For larger quantity i.e. more than 100 cookies, we do give discounted price and often we match the design with your budget, which we think is the most important thing!

And do bear in mind, we do have wedding packages which offer you good saving deals. Simply go to On Tray Menu and click on our packages for details


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