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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wedding Cakes

We did these two wedding cakes recently on a separate occasion of course :)

Wedding cake 1:

This was a simple yet elegant red white, SQUARE, twisted and tiered wedding cake

Base cake: 10" layered Chocolate Moist
Mid : 8" layered red velvet
top : 6" layered Vanilla

Total weight :~5kg

This design would cost from $45/kg

Wedding Cake 2:

The order was for a ROUND garden themed wedding cake.

Base Cake : 10" layered Choc Moist
Mid : 8" layered Choc Fudge
Top : 3D design of pillars and wooden bench with edible image of the bride and groom atop.

Total Weight: ~5kg

This design would cost from $50/kg

For more pictures of our wedding cakes, simply browse through our LABELS.


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