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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cookies for all occasion

The cookies below were done for various occasions.

Nigerian Treat:

This were ordered by a friend as a gift to the Nigerian community attending their little gathering. The colours are Nigerian colours of course. We didn't have to elaborate on the design, just a little THANK YOU note together with the names were to be put on the cookies.

Birthday Favours:

Two separate birthday favours, one with soft pink icing and the other soft blue.

"Papat Jambul":

We did this teddy cookies for a friend who recently delivered a very cute, cuddly baby girl.. hence the cookies were decorated with fancy girly designs. These were for a "Papat Jambul" ceremony.

These ones below were the free cookies won by Ms Rina.... Congrats girl and we are glad the cookies were a hit amongst your colleagues and most importantly your son!

More cookies to be posted... soon

Other than round and butterfly shapes, we do have other shapes as well, do enquire within as we just might have the shape you wanted.


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