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Friday, June 26, 2009

Tarantula "Tree and History" Cake

Before Na, my customer, came up with this idea, she had other wild ideas which we thought was quite interesting. So why tarantula... apparently the celebrant just lost his tarantula so she had ordered this from us ;)

The tree stump was in actual fact our yummy cheese brownies and to add to the yumminest Na wanted us to cover the "tree" with Nutella...... whilst the tarantula was wholly made with fondant.

To make it more dramatic, we added dry leaves lying on the sides as if macam arah dirty nasty area lah tu

Didn't get other good pix of this cake cos we, as in Na and her friend Syazlie (who took the pix of the couple) and myself, were busy analysing the cake and voila... ada branch tarus tree atu (jadi family tree) .. hahaha... Na I think you will remember this always!


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