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Monday, June 29, 2009

Strawberry shortcake Cupcakes & cake

My 2nd girl aka my third child celebrated her birthday recently..

She is really into strawberry shortcake, I mean reeeeeally into strawberry shortcake. She would wear the T, head band, school bag etc!.... So yeah obviously her birthday theme was .. yup you've guessed it! Strawberry Shortcake!.

I've prepared her favourite cupcake flavour in small souffle cups, Chocolate fudge this is, and all with edible images on them. The images all have her name printed as per her request!

And of course the cupcakes were complimented by this chocolate moist cake which too had edible images on top.

By the way the stand is available for rent. We've received bookings for this since we promoted it during our bake sale at the BSRC in March 2009. It is actually a 6 tier cupcake stand but for this birthday party we had used only two tiers.

To order cupcakes and cakes with edible images, simply go to the ONTRAY MENU and click on 'To order and contact us"


D.a.a.l.i.a. said...

wow !!! the images look really pretty on the cupcakes ...

Taste On Tray said...

thank you !! ;)

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