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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hantaran - 3D Pajero Cake

This was a definite 4WD challenge!!

It's always interesting to try and take up challenging orders hehe... for this hantaran piece, our customer had requested that we do a 3D Mitsubishi Pajero, light blue silverish in colour. The cake was a layered chocolate fudge weighing just above 2kg.

So yeah this was a rather challenging order... another good day's work!.. if one ask what was the hardest part? well I'd say the shaping and the wrapping of the body! I had to wrap this "car" twice before I was happy with the outcome! I'd wrap it thrice if I'm still not satisfied! Cos then we had to fit the tyres as well... the logo was placed somewhere on the sides instead!

But I thoroughly enjoyed doing this...

Unfortunately we had to turn down quite a number of orders to do 3D cakes as the orders came in rather late, so if you wish us to do a 3D cake, please give us at least 4 weeks notice so we will be able to slot in your order.


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