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Friday, June 19, 2009


One of my favourite watch brand... tapi meliat gambar saja lah.... this "watch" was ordered after much deliberation on the final look hehehe....

This simplified version pleased MJ very much .. thanks dear...:).. the cake was essentially frosted with buttercream and designed with fondant. Colours and design as agreed with MJ.. ;)

For 3D cake we charge a minimum of $45/kg depending on the intricacy of the design and the cake flavour. We recommend that you book your slot as early as 4 weeks in advance .

Check out more of 3D cakes we had done from our LABELS


Anonymous said...

don't thank me..thank u!and like what i've said,it could have been much better if u had more time..but still,LOVING it!owh..n he loves it too..1 thing,i should have gone for red velvet!SUPERB..i love ur red velvet cupcake...n what's that as the base?nuts?very the nyamaaannn~ MAGNIFIQUE! =)


Taste On Tray said...

MJ.. Im loving ur ideas hehehe... n u bought the red velvet cheese cupcakes hehhe.. i do have a redvelvet cake, ie nada base!.. both are my bestsellers! hahah mcm novel bunyinya.. the base is biscuit crumps btw

Glad he loved it too

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