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Monday, June 22, 2009

3D Dibo cake

A 3-tier birthday cake. A special request for dear Ryan's 1st birthday bash.. hehe mummy has good taste :)


Base : 8" dia, 2.5" thick, layered Chocolate moist
Mid : 6" dia, 5" thick, layered Redvelvet
Top: 3" dia, 3" thick, carrot cake

We did four characters as shown with a few gifts boxes all in fondant.

If you wish to order such cake, we appreciate that you contact us 4 weeks in advance as we will not be able to slot this order easily with shorter lead time.

A cake like this would cost FROM $180.


MeLLe (RyaN's MuMMy) said...

Hjh N, Thanks so much for making d cake so beautiful... Ryan loved it that he kept wanting to touch d cake.... hehehe.....

TasteOnTray said...

MeLLe... i should mention my girl was our QA auditor hahah.. 4yrs old... she made sure we didnt miss any details.. that was soooo funny... really she insisted bunny nya nada nose.. hahah not enuf room to tell the story

Thank u for the extra ordinary order

MeLLe (RyaN's MuMMy) said...

Hahaha really? Cute... Wah next tym u all make cakes, ask d supervisor first... hehe And u r welcome...

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