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Thursday, May 28, 2009

"BEKABUN" Cupcakes

The design was to include "kabun" and "sayur" hehehe ... so we got excited we included "chabe", watering can, banana, pot plant, vege bed etc.... Really brings back lots of fond college memories cos when I was a student I took up agricultural science in lower secondary,mmmm.. I think I still have the green fingers!!

Thoroughly enjoyed doing this order, we thought this set was unique and testing our creativity..


Anna262 said...

Thanksss alot anty ajah N...Hmmm nanty lg dis 31th May aytee =) Gonna have very nice cupcakes lg ehehe=D for my unc ok? =)

TasteOnTray said...

u r welcomed my dear!!.... esuk lagi heheh

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